CAIPS CSMS Canada immigration history иммиграционный файл история
Visa and immigration history

Have you been refused a visa or status in Canada and want to know more about the reasons for the refusal? A visa application was submitted by another person and you do not have information about the information that was provided to the visa or immigration officer?

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) records detailed application history and store copies of submitted documents and forms in the Global Case Management System (GCMS). This information is recorded when applying for a visa, permit or immigration status every time application is sent to Visa and Immigration Offices of Canada around the world. If for some reason you do not have information about the content of your immigration file or want to review comments/records made by an immigration or visa officer related to refusal of your application, it is recommended to request GCMS notes.

GCMS Notes contain:

  • Records made by an officer in relation to the applicant and his application
  • Information about documents and data submitted on behalf of the applicant, as well as the date of each event
  • Information received from other individuals or partner countries (often encrypted)

According to The Access to Information Act, GCMS Notes may be requested by Canadian citizens, residents of Canada, and individuals or legal entities that are located in Canada.

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