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Study medical English

English for medical graduates and health care professionals for only $255 CAD per week! *

English School of Canada (ESC) – Canadian language school in Toronto, offers unique English language programs for medical students and health care professionals.

1. English for Health Care
English language program for medical students and health care professionals of 4-, 8-, 12- or 16-weeks duration. The program helps to improve basic English skills (General English) and focuses on medical terminology and vocabulary required in a health care workplace.

* Regular cost of the course:
– $360 CAD for standard week (22.5 hour/week)
– $435 CAD for intensive week (30 hours/week).

Our clients receive 25% discount to these prices and pay $270 CAD/week or $325 CAD/week respectively. Upon registration for 12 or more weeks of studies, the price drops down to $255 CAD/week.

2. Essential English for Health Care (offered on January 7-25, 2019) is the 3-weeks program for the medical students that apart of a specialized English language (Medical English) training offers 6 visits/tours to different medical institutions/research facilities of Toronto to explore Canadian health care system and research centres operations. The program will be of a specific interest for the graduate students who are working on the material for their theses or those students who completed their studies and are at the start of their careers in the sphere of medicine. Total cost of the program is 1,580 CAD.

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