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Quebec provides new details on Expression of Interest ranking system

Authorities of Quebec released new information that details how candidates in its new skilled worker Expression of Interest bank will be organized and ranked.

A key innovation is that the ranking system considers work experience obtained in the United States of America, making Quebec the only immigration system in Canada that currently considers U.S. work experience for ranking candidates.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) candidates, who submitted a profile to the program’s new Expression of Interest Bank, will be split in two groups: one group for candidates with a job offer or who are living in Quebec and meet specific criteria and another for candidates living outside of Quebec.

Both groups will be ranked on the basis of scores obtained for the following:
– Age
– Quebec diploma
– Canadian or U.S. work experience
– Proficiency in French
– Knowledge of other languages
– Education
– A spouse or common-law partner’s education and proficiency in French.

However, second group of candidates will also be assess on the ground of there area of training/education.

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