Prepare resume Canada format
Prepare resume Canada format
Prepare resume Canada format
Prepare resume Canada format

Preparation of the Resume. Canadian Job Market

Are you a student who is looking for a first job place or place for co-op? Potential employee or newly arrived immigrant who is looking for an employer in Canada? Have you repeatedly submitted your resume for months but never received an invitation for an interview or a response from the employers? Often the reason is ineffective or wrong format of your resume and / or cover letter.

Effective resumes in North America vary significantly in format when compared to Europe or Asia. Therefore, qualified professionals often spend from 2 to 6 months to find a first job in Canada and if haven’t received desired position, eventually agree to any available job in order to cover the costs for the period of unemployment.

How to build a job search strategy to avoid waiting for months for employer’s response? It is necessary to take into account that all Canadian HR specialists who are engaged in the selection of candidates for the positions are guided by the “5 seconds” rule when review a resume. If within 5 seconds your resume can interest employer’s representative, there is a chance that you will be invited to an interview.

Specialists of our company will be glad to help you achieve desired result by adjusting or creating your resume according to North American standards. We also offer assistance in placing your resume at main job portals and specialized recruitment websites in Canada or provide you with a list of these sites for publishing your resume on your own.

Effectively written resume is not the only thing that active job seekers should focus their attention on. The most important step in finding a job is passing an interview with an employer. In similar way as resumes reviewed, recruiters have a “30-second” rule for candidates to be interviewed. It is during this time that you must interest employer and “sell” your skills.

Main steps of resume preparation process and Our Services are:
1. You send a resume to for review and analysis
2. A specialist of our company will contact you to clarify tasks, goals and aspect of your career path
3. You will receive refined and adjusted resume back for review and comments. If necessary, resume will be adjusted until you get desired result
4. You will receive cover letter prepared to fit job position of your choice and recommendations on how to adjust cover letter for alternative job positions
5. At client’s request we provide a list of websites for job search in Canada
6. At client’s request we prepare for the interview with an employer or HR agency staff

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