иммиграция в Канаду проблемы
Immigration to Canada. Common mistakes

1. Selection of an ineffective way for immigration to Canada (e.g., expensive, time consuming)
2. Misunderstanding of the immigration programs requirements
3. Mistakes in calculation of the immigration score
4. Mistakes made while completing application for immigration
5. Wrongly selected National Occupational Classification code/number
6. Errors in calculation of the number of years that is claimed as qualified work experience
7. Use of advises and services from unqualified or non-certified individuals, forums, chats, etc.
8. Tries to adapt someones’ immigration or visa application experience to your own situation
9. Misunderstanding of government requirements to the documents package
10. Provision of incomplete documents package
11. Leaving required documents and forms unsigned
12. Usage of the documents without certified translation that are not originally written in English or French language
13. Hiding or misrepresentation of information about an application or his/her family, inaccurate or incomplete information
14. Mismatch between the facts provided at different stages of immigration process
15. Provision of information in the documents and forms without sufficient clarity and disclosure
16. Incomplete payment of mandatory fees to the government agencies
17. Unawareness about existing criminal records (certain types of administrative offenses considered to be criminal in Canada)
18. Sending application documents package to wrong Visa and Immigration Office

If you have questions regarding immigration process to Canada contact our office at info@canadico.com or book a consultation with certified Canadian immigration consultant


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