Biometric collection canada
Biometrics exemption

Attention: Due to the ongoing impact of COVID19 service disruptions on applicants in Canada, temporary residence applicants who are applying from within Canada are now exempted from biometric data collection until further notice.

New rules apply to the applicants currently in Canada who are applying for:

  • an extension of a work permit
  • a new work permit
  • an extension of a study permit
  • a new study permit
  • a visitor visa
  • a visitor record to allow you to stay in Canada as a temporary resident
  • restoration (extension) of temporary resident status
  • a temporary resident permit

If the systems asks you to pay a biometrics fee or you received a biometrics collection letter after you have already paid it – you do not have to give your biometrics. The refund for biometrics fee will be sent to you automatically, after processing of your application is finalized. More details can be found on this page.

Also, biometrics collection centers are now available in Canada.


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